Casa Latina advances the power and well-being of Latino immigrants through employment, education, and community organizing.

Hire a Worker: Pricing and Skills

New Rates Apply Starting April 1st 2019. See Details Below

These rates reflect a democratic process initiated by workers who organize with Casa Latina's support. We strive to provide a place where members can look for work with dignity and respect and also have faith that their pay will reflect a hard day's work. To learn more about our mission click here.

Casa Latina members believe their hard work should be reflected in their pay scale. Work categories have minimum hours out of fairness for workers who seek daily work.

Pay Scale Below Effective 4/1/2019
Skilled labor  5-Hour Minimum Additional Hours
Carpentry $125 $25/hr.
Drywall/Sheetrock: hanging, taping, mudding, and sanding $125 $25/hr.
Painting-roller brush: preparation (scraping, filling in, sanding, masking) and painting $125 $25/hr.
Demolition: sheetrock, concrete, carpet, fences, cabinets, etc. $115 $23/hr.
Landscaping: patio pavers, retaining walls, stone walkways, fence, laying sod $125 $25/hr.
Hauling: lumber, dirt, rocks, bricks, mulch, spreading mulch/bark, gravel or construction debris $115 $23/hr.
Digging: trenches, removing sod, and removing shrubs/bushes/bamboo/small trees $115 $23/hr.
Pressure Washing $115 $23/hr.
Advanced Gardening: (can also include Yard Work tasks) pruning, hedge trimming, planting/transplanting and/or preparing garden soil $125 $25/hr.
Yard Work: ONLY 1) raking/bagging leaves, 2) mowing, 3) weeding, 4) edging/weed whacking, 5) sweeping/leaf blowing $110 $22/hr.
Moving furniture and boxes $125 $25/hr.
Party and event help $125 $25/hr.


Pay Scale Below Effective 4/1/2019
Skilled Labor 4-hour minimum Additional hours
Laundry/folding/ironing: (can also include basic, deep, move in/out cleaning)  $120 $30/hr.
Deep Cleaning or Move In/Out Cleaning: (Can also include Basic House Cleaning): Oven, refrigerator, window washing, removing stains and degreasing, walls, baseboards, window sills, blinds and vents. $100 $25/hr.
Basic Housecleaning $88 $22/hr.
****To see a full list of details, click here.